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  • Scooter + license and insurance

  • Safety equipment (e.g. helmet)

  • Smartphone with iOS 13.6/Android 6.0 or above

  • Be at least 18 years old

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Register by clicking on the button below and fill in all the necessary information regarding you and your vehicle.


After we check your informations and background, we’ll validate your account and approve you as a Yassir delivery driver.


We’ll familiarize you with the Yassir Partner app, as well as safety guidelines, best practices and regulations.


You’re now officially a Yassir Delivery Driver. Hit the road and make some cash!


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Yassir's delivery team has transformed my work-life balance. With flexible hours, steady orders, and user-friendly app support, I've found both income and freedom. Being part of Yassir isn't just a job; it's a journey of independence.


Ahmed F

25 years, Student

At 25 years old, juggling studies and work seemed daunting until I joined Yassir's delivery team. The flexibility and smooth workflow have given me the freedom to pursue both seamlessly. Yassir's user-friendly app makes each delivery effortless, enhancing my experience as a delivery driver. Proud to be part of the Yassir family, where growth and independence thrive.


Mouloud K

25 years, student.

Every day with Yassir is an adventure that brings a smile to my face. I'm an urban explorer, navigating the streets to deliver packages and meals with precision and determination. The Yassir team has given me more than just a job; they've given me the opportunity to connect with my city in a unique way. The satisfied smiles from customers when I hand over their order make me feel like I'm part of something bigger. Being a Yassir delivery driver is more than just deliveries – it has become my way of leaving a positive mark in others' everyday lives.


Rafik B

33 years old, employee

Being part of the Yassir delivery team is like stepping into a realm of freedom and excitement. I'm not just a driver; I'm a navigator of convenience, delivering smiles right to the doorsteps. The power to choose when and where I work is like holding the steering wheel of my own destiny. The app? It's my reliable co-pilot, guiding me seamlessly through orders. And that rush of delivering on time, every time, is a feeling that never fades. Yassir isn't just a platform; it's my wheelborne adventure.


Samir L

31 Years, independent

Frequently asked questions

How can I become a delivery man with Yassir?

To become a Yassir delivery driver, you can sign up by downloading the app, following the registration instructions, and submitting the required documents.

Can I choose my work hours as a Yassir delivery man?

Yes, as a Yassir delivery driver, you have the flexibility to choose your work hours based on your availability.

How does the delivery process work with Yassir?

Once registered, you'll receive notifications for nearby delivery requests. You can accept or decline a request based on your availability. Once accepted, follow the instructions to complete the delivery.

What safety measures are in place for drivers?

Yassir places a strong emphasis on safety. You'll receive information about safety measures to follow during deliveries, along with tips for ensuring a secure experience.

Can I deliver part-time with Yassir?

Absolutely, you can work part-time as a Yassir delivery driver and select the hours that suit you.

How can I get help in case of problems or questions?

You can contact Yassir's customer service for assistance.

You'll receive notifications via the app when deliveries are available in your area. You can choose to accept or decline each delivery.

How do I know what deliveries are available?

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